Diana colored by theshorthetaliafan-d5bcin2 (1)

Name: Diana di Cielo

Origin, Debut: Shaman Chronicles, Chapter 3

Birthdate: February 28

Race: Human (Shaman)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'4

Weight: 100.5

Blood Type: O

Power Ranking: C (Initiate)

Family: Father (Deceased), Mother, Half-Brother

Occupation: Student

Residence: New Eden City, United Republic of New Eden


Diana is a teenager of average height with long, brown hair and amber eyes. Diana is a tomboy, and has a very lean frame. She usually appears in a blue, short-sleeved jacket covering a lavender top, puce leggings, and beige shorts. She wears a snowflake necklace.



Appearances in Infinite Cross AdaptionsEdit


Abilities & PowersEdit



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